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Below you will find a list of all our available products. To place an order enquiry, enter the quantity of each product you require and click 'Place Enquiry' at the bottom. We will then contact you to confirm the order and process payment. Use the drop down menu below to jump to different categories.


Tubs / Lids And Containers & Spoons

Suitable for vegetarians

Gluten free

Biodegradable Eco Heart 2oz Tub
Biodegradable Eco Heart 5oz Tub
Biodegradable Spoons
Plastic Spades (spooons)
Wooden Spoons
Large Plastic Spoons 5
115ml Plastic white Tub
Yellow Small Tubs (1 scoop)
Small Dome Lids
Pink Medium Tubs (2 scoop tub)
Medium Dome Lids
Blue Large Tubs (2 or 3 scoop)
Large Dome Lids
2.9oz Wax Lids
Razzle Containers
Razzle Lids
Knickerbocker Glory Cups & Lids each
Banana Boats 6oz (Yellow)
Hi Ball Containers
1/2 Litre Containers
1/2 Litre Lids
1 Litre Containers
1 Litre Lids
2 Litre Containers
2 Litre Lids
4 Litre Containers
4 Litre Lids
Napoli Containers
Napoli Lids
10 Litre Containers
10 Litre Lids